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Even when to her it is bad, she cares for me.
Thank you, mom.

Тбили Тёплый – Мама
EA7 – Мама прости
FM154 – Мама

I just wanted a family
"Why does everyone hate me?" - in her words so much pain. I feel really bad for Evie, she just wanted the most main thing in life - a family. To me it is sad that she killed and turned people into monsters what simply to reach it. It is not her fault, but people continue not to understand and reject her. All that she wanted - that loved her.

Miwako Chinone – The Sad Truth
Miwako Chinone – Floating In-Between
Satoshi Hori – E-001 III
Chelsea Wolfe – After The Fall
Hidden Citizens – Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover)

We among the stars.. We're here

A lot of
I'm emotionally destroyed. ..Holy crap, seriously? I passed the SOMA game, such feeling as if I watched the good movie with a remarkable plot. The truth just now hands reached to finish art. Even I don't know what to begin with, porridge and all on a few here will be mess. SOMA is translated from Latin as "body", and it seems to me, not just like that Frictional Games so called a game. Maybe they wanted to lift a subject of the fact that whether the body is necessary for us to live and live with a continuity of consciousness, memory and thinking? Perhaps. This game shows that not everything in life can be fine and happy (as though something new was learned). In a game there is too much suicide, perhaps, it is direct pushing to a thought to kill himself will kill himself and all will be good.. Well of course! The atmosphere of a game is incredibly interesting and unusual, and a plot at height. However a game and about reality of our world, and world of virtual reality. In a game you always ask a question: "And which of them real Simon? Who is real?". Still the interesting thought if Cath could copy from base Simon in other body why it is impossible to take other data from the same base and to copy in other bodies? Hmm.. Maybe this would be a problem. After ARK start Simon grew hysterical and began to swear at Catherine though in swearing the sense especially wasn't. He perfectly understood what occurs that it was copied, spoke about it to Cath and more than once. Simon goes crazy a little, I think.. If having looked narrowly, it is possible to make out: "Connection error. Corteh chip is damaged". That is, Cath image after all was destroyed. But it was he who brought her up to this, in fact, like Brandon, as he constantly disconnected from severe stress. Most likely, virtual images can't be nervous strongly, otherwise there is a failure (?) Hmm.. I don't know, but most likely is happens indeed. Simon was left without hand (at someone in the order), without Cath, and without her he in fact won't make much. And here she was disconnected, he alone, in the dark, under thickness of water. What the person (even in a robot body) in a similar situation can feel? I don't even represent.. panic, loneliness, alienation, horror, despair, hopelessness.. It is bad that we finished ours with her a conversation a swearing, she tried to upokoit us, but as we see, unsuccessfully. And Simon of ARK who even doesn't suspect what the previous Simon remained on Earth, together with the destroyed Cath..
Everything that remained from humanity.. this ARK flying in space depths.. It was obvious that a game will come to an end in nothing good. After many reflections I in some degree understand WAU, it tried to keep mankind though in some form, even in such look: the heartless cars considering themselves people and locked in this body, or walking brainless dead bodies, with Structure Gel inside. It is a game - is art and it sets thinking. It redefines all essence of the person as look. It should be noted that SOMA is very philosophical game. Thoughts of all this haunt me.

Little Cloud – But I'll Stay
The xx – Together
Mikko Tarmia – Hallway
Mikko Tarmia – Alone (End Credits)
Mikko Tarmia – Train Ride Commercial


Carefully, possible spoilers! I would like to express a thought which bothers me. All of us know the game Prototype, I think many played it or at least heard about it. Recall one of the heroes of the game - Karen Parker, ex-girlfriend Alex. And I can't understand why everyone hate her? Because she betrayed Alex? It is ridiculous. And you never thought why she acted this way? Who found all chains of events, could notice that 5 of them belong to her. And in them it is shown and told why she made this act, thanks to whom and the most  important why. I will not keep empty talk and go more to the point. Let's start with the fact that when Alex decided to run away with a  flask of the "Black Light" virus and to reveal secrets of Gentek Karen tried to stop him and to overpersuade. But eventually passed to him. Alex asked still proofs and she went in Gentek in order that to him to get them. She didn't succeeded it and she was seized. When McMullen told that Alex any more not that guy whom she knew earlier that the virus changed him and also tried to bribe her the ticket in any point of the world, and appointment to high positions, and also that she will be pure and free. On it he heard the answer: "I want a lawyer". Gentek wasn't succeeded to resolve peacefully this issue, and then she was delivered to military base and there tortured. They beat her and kept in handcuffs. She said that she knows nothing, but it didn't stop Blackwatch. After that she didn't have exit how to agree. They forced her to cooperate with them, to make so that Alex was caught and infected with a parasite. I am sure that she didn't want it to do, and... still feels tender and romantic feelings to Alex. I don't know what else to add, all the same your opinion on her won't change in any way, because she "traitor". That's all I wanted to say.

Asbjørn – We We We
The Engine Room – A Perfect Lie




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